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Insurance Policy

General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions
o Company: Herein is also referred to as a company.
o Insured person or policyholder: The natural person (s) on whose behalf the lease

contract is concluded.
o Insured persons: They are the main driver of the rental vehicle as well as all the

additional drivers explicitly mentioned in the rental contract.
o Beneficiaries: The persons who will receive the amount of the insurance coverage limit

provided for in the insurance policy, in the event of the insured person's death.
o Rental Agreement: The rental agreement of the vehicle concluded between the

customer and the company. The rental contract of the vehicle is also the insurance contract
between the company and the policyholder.

o Insurance policy or insurance contract: It is the insurance contract between the
company and the insurance company in order to insure the vehicle. The insurance coverage
provided is explicitly mentioned in the insurance policy.

o Vehicle: The expressly described vehicle mentioned in the rental agreement.
o Accident: The incident that happened due to a sudden cause.
o Insurance value: The replacement value of the vehicle
o Insurance term : The period mentioned in the rental agreement.
o Exemption: The amount with which the policyholder participates in the costs of

repairing the damage.
o Young Driver: A person under the age of 23 or who has first obtained a driving

licence within the last twelve months and who is going to drive the insured vehicle.
o Coverage limits: The geographical limits set by the lease agreement.
o Maximum insurance coverage: The maximum amount of money to be paid for

each covered case. This amount cannot not exceed, in any case, the prescribed insurance limit
stated in the insurance policy, for the covered driver.

o Insurer : The insurance company that insures the vehicle and provides the necessary

o Object of the insurance: The accident that the driver is subject to, for which the
insurance of the vehicle was concluded.

o Loss of life due to an accident: It describes the event in which the insured person
loses his life as a result of an accident.

Article 2. Validity of the insurance .
This contract is governed by the applicable insurance legislation and the general and special terms
agreed. The special terms prevail over the general terms.

Article 3. Local validity limits.
Liability insurance is valid only within the geographical limits of the Greek territory.

Article 4. Maximum Liability limit.
The maximum limits of liability of the company for each accident are described in the insurance
policy of the vehicle which the company has concluded with a cooperating insurance agency. A
copy of this document may be sent to the policyholder upon request. Any translation costs shall be
borne by the requestor.

Article 5. Duration of insurance
The insurance is valid for the period stated in the rental agreement of the vehicle.

Article 6. General obligations of the policyholder and/or the insured person
in case of damage.

In the event of damage, the insured has the obligation to notify the company immediately and
immediately make the insured vehicle available to it.

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